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  • How Much Does The Milk Cost?
    Milk price varies on factors of distance to your home from our farm. Basic farm price for our milk starts from 60 Rs.
  • Why Natural Milk?
    1. We provide 100% natural and pure milk to our customers. 2. We take ethical responsibilities seriously towards our customers and our animals and our staff. 3. We hate adultrated and low quality milk as much as you. 4. Our milk will always be fresh when it arrives to your door.
  • Is Your Milk Free From Chemicals?
    Yes we at Natural Milk never use any kind of toxins or chemicals on our animals or in our milk. The food our animals eat is grown by us to ensure no adultration is possible.
  • How Is Natural Milk Different From Other Brands?
    Our milk is different than other brands because we dont use any kind of growth harmones or antibiotics on our animals. Our milking process is more sustainable and humane towards our animals when compared to others. We take utmost care for our animals and carefully monitor their feed intake and health, so customers can be sure that no animals are abused if they buy milk from us.
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