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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

Natural Milk is a family owned and operated dairy farm.We started our dairy farm with an intention to provide pure and quality milk for everyone.

We solely do not just focus on providing quality milk to our customers, but we strongly follow ethical practises for our animals and staff. So customers can be confident that no animal is abused for producing their milk.

Our Mission

  • To be an eminent dairy farm in supplying pure and quality assured milk for everyone.

  • To share our knowledge and guide aspiring dairy farmers to be successful.

  • To improve life quality of cattle farms in the neighbouring villages by providing assistance in managing the livestock 




We are proud to have multi-generation dairy farm. This means our farm was established and maintained by our parents, grandparents, even great grandparents. Often times, you can visit our farms to find no less than two or three generations pitching in, whether it’s actively milking buffalos, running equipment such as tractors and feed-mixers, caring for the new calves born on the farm or keeping the crew fed with homemade meals.


We are the farmers in your neighborhood, supplying the fresh milk to grocery stores that we, too, shop at. Our communities are important to us, with many of us serving on local school, municipality boards and committees. And because this is our home too, we care deeply about the land and water resources, and are dedicated to preserving our natural resources to our best extent.

Buffalo Care

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of animal care. Our animals receive specialized diets of forage and grains, all times customized by animal nutritionists. Our buffalo's eat before we do and follow healthier diets than most! When not milking, our buffalo's can be found relaxing in a shed with fresh bedding and access to plenty of clean water and food.The Natural Milk Animal  Care Program details guidelines that our workers follow for every calf and buffalo on our farm. We set the highest standards for care of our buffalo's when it comes to health, facilities and housing, nutrition, equipment and milking procedures. Our farm is evaluated once every month and provided feedback on how they're doing by veterinarians and our field staff members. The evaluation provides us with the information we need to develop action plans for continuous improvement. 

Food Safety

As dairy farmers, we must adhere to strict food safety regulations and maintain clean, safe facilities. Equipment is washed and sanitized to meet and exceed safety standards after each milking. Our dedication to happy buffalo's means we will work closely with our veterinarian to use medical intervention when absolutely necessary to improve the health and life of the animal. Should we need to use medical invention, we  follow strict withdraw periods to ensure all antibiotics are out of the buffalo's system prior to using her milk. Our milk is always tested prior to leaving the farm to ensure a quality, safe product ends up in your home. Since the beginning Natural Milk has adhered to a strict no-added hormones policy.


Just like your favorite device, on-farm technology is constantly changing and evolving. By using technology on our farms, we are able to work more efficiently, safely, and most importantly, keep our buffalo's at a maximum comfort level. We track the animal’s activity and health levels with the use of fitness trackers. At the end we all are working to achieve the same goals: quality milk and happy buffalo's.


Thank You For Trusting Us !!



We believe that natural and fresh milk is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to produce highest quality, nutritious milk. We also promote sustainable and socially responsible farming by keeping the most environmental and animal friendly dairy farm. Learn more about our work process by contacting us.

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